The JINS & SUNS' Sport frames are designed to enhance comfort during sports activities through several key features. They have a wide rectangle frame, which offers a broad field of vision and a modern aesthetic. The glasses' legs, made from airframe material, ensure a secure fit on the face without exerting excessive pressure, minimizing the sensation of squeezing around the head. This choice of material likely contributes to both the durability and lightweight feel of the glasses. Additionally, the glasses are equipped with adjustable saddle bridge nose pads, allowing for a customizable fit that can accommodate various nose shapes and sizes. This adjustability ensures the glasses remain stable and comfortable, even during vigorous movements, making them an ideal choice for athletes or anyone engaging in sports and physical activities.

Each JINS order ships for free and comes with a 30-day return policy and a 1-year limited warranty. Orders also include a complimentary worry-free adjustment service at any JINS Store.

  • SKU MRN-21S-135-94
  • FRAME SHAPE Rectangle
  • MATERIAL Airframe
  • NOSE BRIDGE Low Bridge Fit
  • NOSE PAD TYPE Saddle Bridge
  • FRAME TYPE Semi-Rimless
  • FRAME DIMENSIONS 64.5-11.0-140.0-41