There's a lot to consider when selecting a pair of new glasses. From the frame shape to the color to the material, finding the right frames can mean trying on many pairs until you find the perfect fit.

But even when a pair of eyeglass frames looks great, it's not the right pair for you if it doesn't feel great. After all, you don't want to deal with constantly adjusting your glasses, so they rest comfortably on your nose without sliding or pinching. With so many manufacturers offering “standard fit” frames, dealing with uncomfortable specs is a common issue for many people.

That's why JINS offers adjustable fit glasses. Also known as alternative fit, these frames accommodate a wider range of face shapes and nose bridges. When you choose a pair of adjustable-fit eyeglasses, you don't have to worry about the frames not fitting snugly or causing pain and discomfort.


For decades, most eyeglass frames were “standard fit.” Designed with straight temple arms and a fixed nose bridge, these glasses fit many—but not all—wearers. People with higher nose bridges can usually wear standard-fit glasses without any problems.

However, people with lower or wider nose bridges often find standard-fit glasses annoying or uncomfortable to wear. A higher nose bridge allows the eyeglasses to slide down your nose, meaning you'll spend all day pushing them back up. Straight temple arms can contribute to the problem, making the frames too snug or too loose.

Adjustable fit eyeglasses solve the issue of uncomfortable eyeglasses with three essential features.

1. Higher Nose Bridge

The nose bridge, or the part of the glasses that rests on your nose, is critical to your comfort. Adjustable fit glasses have a higher nose bridge than other styles, so they'll fit your facial structure better and sit at the perfect spot on your nose without sliding or resting uncomfortably on your cheeks.

2. Curved Temple Arms

Alternative fit frames have curved temple arms, making them more comfortable to wear if you have a wider face or prominent cheekbones that might press against standard frames. The slight curve also helps hold your glasses in place, so you don't have to make frequent adjustments.

3. Adjustable Nose Pads

Many adjustable fit frame styles have adjustable nose pads, which can be tweaked to fit your nose more comfortably. These frames fit your face no matter the width of your nose bridge because you can adjust the pads for a tighter or looser fit. Adjustable nose pads can keep your glasses in place if you have a small nose.


JINS offers a wide selection of Tokyo-designed adjustable fit glasses and sunglasses frames for men and women. Whether you're looking for a classic round metal or rectangular tortoiseshell or want to add a trendy oversized or acrylic frame to your eyeglass wardrobe, the JINS adjustable fit collection has you covered.

Choose our best-selling Airframe Slim Combi 033, an ultralight woman's style with stylish metal arms and adjustable nose pads. Are you looking for a trendy pair of oversized specs? Check out the Airframe Slim Oversized 092 in Crystal, a transparent frame perfect for round face shapes with a low nose bridge.

Men who need adjustable fit glasses can also choose from dozens of options, like the All Titanium 125, a round style offered in four distinct metallic finishes. Do you have a round face? Check out the Airframe Slim 375, a classic black rectangular frame with adjustable nose pads. If you need an extra-wide frame, check out the Classic 093, with a universally-flattering Wellington shape, an acetate browline, and metallic rim and temple arms. The adjustable nose pads ensure maximum comfort.

Don't settle for ill-fitting glasses that are uncomfortable to wear. Check out the full range of adjustable fit eyeglasses from JINS for a stylish pair that fits your unique style and face.