Eyewear Care

Eyewear Care

Please read the instructions and treat your glasses with care. Parents should read it carefully for their children's usage.

4 tips to make your glasses last longer

Use both hands. Put on and take off your glasses carefully using both hands.

Set down with lenses facing up. When setting your glasses down, place them so that the curved part of the lens is facing up. Placing them down may cause scratches.

Avoid heat. DDo not subject glasses to heat or wear them in extremely hot areas. The frames may warp or the lenses may crack. Do not leave your glasses on the car's dashboard or other places that receive direct sunlight.

Dry immediately when wet. If your glasses become wet from rain or sweat, dry them immediately. Rust or water may cause stains that cannot be removed.

Handling tips

There is a two week adjustment period for any newly purchased glasses, especially with a new prescription. Do not switch back and forth between old and new glasses with different prescriptions - this will make the adjustment time longer.

If you are a first time Progressive or Bifocals user, it will take time to adjust, as it will limit your depth perception. Be careful going up and down stairs or places with height differences.

Elastic frames such as Airframe are durable and do not break easily but please do not bend or twist it intentionally. It may cause frame distortion.

Through natural wear and tear, the frame may experience some cracks, breakage, or discoloration. The nylon string may break in extreme temperature or from impact.

Please do not wear glasses in the following conditions:

  • when you shower or swim.
  • in places with extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight, hot saunas or inside an industrial refrigerator. The lenses may change shape, cause distortion, and/or warpage
  • if you experience any itchiness, rash or allergies when wearing the glasses, please consult your doctor or dermatologist immediately.
  • to look directly at the sun even if you're wearing tinted lenses. It may cause vision loss or severe injuries to your eyes. Avoid using tinted lenses in dark places. Visibility is reduced due to insufficient light.
  • when playing high impact sports. Lenses may break when hit by a strong impact. The broken lenses may cause damage to the eyes or face, and could lead to vision loss. We recommend that you purchase sports glasses if you need them for sports.

Cleaning Tips

If your glasses get dirty, please clean it with cold water (and a pea sized drop of mild dish soap if needed), and then use a microfiber or lens cleaning cloth to dry it. Please do not use detergent with alkali or paint thinner to clean your glasses.

When you clean the lenses, hold the bridge of the frame and wipe gently to avoid frame distortion or lens breakage.

Free Frame Adjustments

If any of the following conditions apply to your JINS glasses, please stop by your nearest JINS store for an adjustment at no charge, or contact our Customer Support:

  • You are having issues with the nose pads
  • Your glasses are not fitting properly
  • The screws are loose


Our one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase covers any defects with the frame and/or lenses, such as peeling, discoloration, rusting, etc.

Accidental damages such as leaving the glasses on your car exposed to heat, dropping/scratching the glasses, breaking the temples, etc. are not covered.

Any tampering with our products, such as the use of glue, will void the warranty.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing JINS!