Expired Prescription Policy

During these uncertain times, we understand getting an eye exam could be difficult and we want to help as much as possible. If your prescription has already expired, we accept expired prescriptions on an emergency basis only, and we will notify your prescription provider that we have filled the expired prescription. Your purchase will be non-refundable (except for the manufacturer's defect).

As always, we highly recommend that you contact your doctor for a new eye examination. It is important to get your eye health examined yearly, even if you aren't experiencing any issues with vision, so please consult with your optometrist.

Auto-Cancelling Orders without Reply

All customers are responsible for submitting their valid prescription and/or pupillary distance information after placing their order.

If customer fails to reply within the 14th day of our reminder email, we have the right to cancel your order automatically. Refunds will be issued accordingly.

What is a valid prescription?

A valid prescription requires the following:

  • Prescriber or Optometrist's information (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Valid expiration date
  • Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement
    • If PD measurement is not included in your prescription, please refer here on how to measure PD.
  • Valid Prescription Example

    Example of a valid prescription
  • Invalid Prescription Example

    Example of an invalid prescription

What is Pupillary Distance (PD)?

Your PD is the distance between your two pupils, expressed in millimeters. Sometimes the doctor will write two values (for each eye) or one value (for both eyes).

How can I measure it if it is not provided with my prescription?

We need this measurement because it helps us to position the focus of your lens prescription in the right place for your frames.

If your doctor did not include a PD measurement in your prescription, you can use our online PD measurement tool to measure your PD. Before you start, you will need a regular size ID or credit card. Once you are ready, simply click "Measure PD" and follow the on-screen instructions and you will receive a PD measurement at the end.

You can also head to the nearest JINS, where our trained opticians will gladly take a measurement for you.

What is Usage?

Do you need single vision or progressive?

Check your prescription to see if there is an Add Power.

Prism Add
OD -3.50 -0.25 132 - (blank)
OS -2.50 DS - - (blank)

If there is no Add power, you will just need: Single Vision.

Single vision lenses correct for one focal point:

  • Distance: for all-round use, including driving, playing sports, watching TV, and everyday activities (Most of people just need correction for distance)
  • Intermediate: for computer work
  • Near: for reading or up-close work
Prism Add
OD -3.50 -0.25 132 - +2.00
OS -2.50 DS - - +2.00

If there is an Add power, Progressive lenses are recommended. You can also choose Single Vision.

Progressive lenses have multiple prescriptions in one pair of glasses. That allows you to do close-up work (like reading a book), middle-distance work (like checking out a website on a computer), or distance viewing (like driving) without needing to change your glasses.

How to submit your Prescription

This process will take place during checkout, you can use any method below:

  • Use previously saved prescription
  • Upload a prescription on-hand
  • Submit doctors information (so that JINS can contact your doctor)
  • Email prescription photo/attachment later to, attaching your order number

As always if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us!