JINS SWITCH: prescription eyeglasses clip-on sunglasses JINS SWITCH: prescription eyeglasses clip-on sunglasses


Film Scans of JINS Switch model

Magnetic Clip-on Glasses

Making it easy to switch between indoor and outdoor.

Plate + Lenses

Our Switch frames come with prescription lenses (either clear or JINS SCREEN) plus a sunglass plate with an anti-reflective coating.

Female holding a JINS SWITCH plate clip-on sunglasses

Style and Protection in an Instant

Trying to find sunnies at the bottom of your bag can slow down your day. That's where Switch clip-on sunglasses come in handy. Effortlessly transform prescription eyeglasses by attaching a magnetic sunglass plate to the frames. The anti-reflective coating prevents a harsh, squint-inducing glare when you're out and about.

Switch Up Any Style

The circular shape of Classic 345 softens a square jawline and adds balance to heart-shaped faces. Although oversized, the frames feature our lightweight Airframe material for the ultimate comfort. Classic Slim 343 is also perfect for those who prefer oversized frames with the weightless Airframe feel and a chic Wellington design. The warm tortoise hue (paired with the lightweight, durable Ultem™ frame material) makes the Classic Slim 344 a sizzling stunner for sunny days.

Can't decide between blue and black magnetic clip-on sunglasses? You won't have to with EYE Frame. In addition to two magnetic attachments, the Wesley Chan-designed Wellington frames have an adjustable nose bridge and nose pads, so you won't suffer in the name of style.

Whether lounging on a sandy beach or navigating city streets, light bouncing off surfaces won't affect your vision when you sport Polarized 263. These shades are ideal for those with a low nose bridge. Pull off the monochromatic look with the black frame and mirrored black plate pairing or blue frame and mirrored blue clip-on.