Frequently Asked Questions

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To learn more about our rewards program, check here.


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A valid prescription needs to include the following information:

 1) Prescriber's Information (Name, Address, Phone #)

 2) Valid Expiration Date (within 2 years or less from date of exam)

 3) Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement


*International prescriptions must be within 2 years from date of exam to be considered Valid. 

Example screenshot of Valid Prescription:

[ What is a pupillary distance and how can I measure it if its not provied with my prescription? ]


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Your PD (pupillary distance) is the distance between your two pupils, expressed in millimeters. Sometimes the doctor will write two values (for each eye) or one value (for both eyes).

We need this measurement because it helps us position your lens prescription's focus in the right place for your frames.

 Below is an example image of a PD measurement:


If your doctor did not include a PD measurement in your prescription, please feel free to use our online PD measurement tool to measure your PD found in our prescription page.

If you are not comfortable with using our guide, you can reach out to your doctor to take your measurement.

You can also head to the nearest JINS, where our trained opticians will gladly take a measurement for you.


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Our partner, 20/20NOW, performs the eye examinations located at three of our JINS stores! The comprehensive, digital eye exams start at $75.

To schedule an appointment, check your preferred location and click “BOOK EYE EXAM”.


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Progressive glasses, also called as multi-focal glasses, are usually for people who have presbyopia. The lenses have a smooth transition, with a gradual change in power from distance through reading. If you need progressives, your doctor should provide you a progressive prescription; otherwise, you don't need progressives.

What does a progressive prescription look like? Please refer to our Prescriptions page.


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Have a discount code? Put it to use!


DURING CHECKOUT, you will see a summary of the items you will be purchasing. Below that is the option to insert a discount code. This option is available via SHOP PAY and CHECKOUT AS GUEST:

Make sure your code is applicable to your purchase as some codes have restrictions. Once you insert your code, click "Apply". You will see the new calculated price applied to your order.


Continue to checkout your order by filling out your shipping/payment/prescription information.
Note: You will not be able to apply a discount code once your order has been placed. You will need to cancel and reorder.


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At this time, we are unable to retroactively modify an order after it has been placed. We would have to cancel your order, then for you to place a new order with your desired adjustment(s). For further actions on this, please contact our support team.

If your order is in the "Pending Processing" status, then you are able to cancel it on your own. Please login to your account and choose the CANCEL ORDER option.


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We can not secure your order until your prescription is completely verified. Your order will be automatically cancelled if your prescription is not verified within 7 days of purchase.

Please note that you will receive an email notice from our support team in advance of cancellation.


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*We are currently experiencing high-order traffic delay. Our team is working diligently to process and fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to get your JINS glasses to you as soon as we can.

All orders receive free shipping and 30-day returns! We do our best to cut your lenses and build your glasses within a couple of days, but please allow up to two weeks* for your order to be processed (or up to 3-4 weeks for special order lenses or collaboration frames).

You'll receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped. Please allow 24-48 hours after the receipt of the notification for the shipping carrier to update your shipment information. You directly can track your order by logging in to your account.


In-Stock Lenses - Approx 4 Weeks

Special Order Lenses - Approx 6 Weeks

What are Special Orders?

  • JINS SCREEN HEAVY USE, Tinted, Progressive, Photochromic, and Polarized lenses
  • JINS SCREEN DAILY USE with high prescription
  • Standard Clear lenses with high prescription
  • Special Collaboration Frames (e.g Jujutsu Kaisen)


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Currently, we do not offer expedited shipping for our online orders. Our team is working very hard to complete your glasses in a timely manner, with the highest quality. 

For more information regarding our shipping information, please visit our order status page.


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We're sorry to hear that you did not receive your JINS glasses yet.

If your tracking number shows that the order has been "Delivered", but you don't have the package, we are more than happy to help!

Please contact our customer support immediately within 14 days* of your order's shipment date. 


*Disclaimer: Incorrect shipping addresses inputted during the ordering process and inquiries past the 30-day mark of your order's shipment date will not covered.

Currently, we only ship within the US. However, if you are shopping from Japan, China or Taiwan, please feel free to visit our family websites:

JINS Japan

JINS China

JINS Taiwan


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We offer free standard USPS First Class shipping, anywhere in USA!


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For in-store orders, please contact the respective store directly.

For online orders, you may log in to your account and click on the "ORDERS" heading on the right hand side.


Your order can be in one of four stages:

1. Waiting for Prescription / RX Verification

2. Pending Processing (Prescription has been verified; awaiting for shipments team to confirm order)

3. Processing (for in-stock order)

4. Waiting for Lenses (for special ordered lenses)

5. Complete


To check where your order is specified, feel free to view our Order Status page.


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JINS does not work directly with insurance providers, however, you can claim reimbursement with our itemized receipt if your insurance plan covers out-of-network providers.

Please contact your insurance provider directly to check your eligibility and benefits. For more information, please visit our Insurance page.


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We accept both HSA (health savings account) and FSA (flexible spending account) as forms of payment for any prescription eyewear, as long as the accounts are affiliated with a major credit card. 

JINS is not responsible for issues with the approval or refund transactions made through HSA/FSA cards.


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To get an itemized receipt for in-store or online order, please send us an email or chat of your sales receipt with the order number along with your name and email.


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The transaction will be processed as JINS Eyewear US INC.


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We sell gift cards at all of our JINS locations! Please note that the gift cards only work for in-store purchases.

(online gift cards are not available at this time)

You can check your gift card balance by speaking to any of the store members or by calling 1-888-529-6578.


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Gift cards are non-refundable, and you will have a balance on your gift card card if you do not use the total value of your card.

For example: if you have a gift card valued at $100 and you make a purchase of $60, you will have a remaining balance of $40.

Once you return a purchase of $60, the value will be returned to your gift card balance.


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While we don't have a fix to buff your scratched lenses, nor it is covered via our one-year manufacture defect warranty, you may replace the lenses through our Lens Exchange Service, which can be done starting at $60 service fee + any additional fees if you choose a lens option.

Sample Lens Option Total Fees (including service fee):

Clear (Single Vision) - $60 

JINS Screen Daily Use (Single Vision) - $90 

Progressive Clear - $180

If choosing an additional lens option, feel free to view the How it Works page for pricing (promotional offers do not apply to the lens exchange service). You can email/chat to us to get started!

Note: Service is applicable to JINS glasses only.


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We're very sorry to hear that. Accidental damages are not covered under our one-year warranty, but we are happy to help you find the same or similar frame.

For non-accidental damages, feel free to email us detailed images of your glasses, and we will determine the available options for you.


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No worries, we have your back!

For inquiries adjusting to your prescription lenses, there is a two week adjustment period for any newly received prescription glasses (applies for same or updated prescription). Do not switch back and forth between old and new glasses - this will make the adjustment time longer.

For inquiries regarding the fitment of your frame, we provide a complimentary virtual online fitting service at the comfort of your home! To schedule an appointment, please click here!

If you are located at a nearby JINS store location, simply bring your glasses with you and ask any staff member for a fitting adjustment and you should be well on your way with a pair of glasses that fit uniquely to you.

Changed your mind? Whatever the reason for your return or exchange, our process is as simple and stress-free as possible. You can make a return or exchange within 30 days (items must be undamaged and purchased in the United States; no return for finale sale items).


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For your JINS Switch sunglasses magnetic attachment, you can purchase them on our website. If you don't see yours available, please reach out to our support team to check availability! 


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Each country has their own policy on warranty. For JINS glasses purchased outside of the US (Japan, China and Taiwan), we assist you based on the US warranty, not the location the glasses were purchased in. Please note that there is no warranty coverage for purchases made in JINS Philippines since they are franchised. 


1. No returns or exchanges will be issued. No exceptions.

2. For any warranty claim, a receipt or warranty is required.

3. Frame warranty: only covered for an obvious defects within one year of purchase. We offer free frame exchange only if the exact same product is available at JINS US.

4. Lenses warranty: we do not accept any warranty for lenses. If you would like to replace the lenses, your glasses will be subjected to our standard lens exchange service (and a valid doctor's prescription is required).


Questions? Please contact us!

For your JINS glasses, the Lens Exchange Service can be done starting at $60 service fee + any additional fees if you choose a lens option.

Sample Lens Option Total Fees (including service fee):

Clear (Single Vision) - $60 

JINS Screen Daily Use (Single Vision) - $90 

Progressive Clear - $180

If choosing an additional lens option, feel free to view the How it Works page for pricing (promotional offers do not apply to the lens exchange service). You can email/chat to us to get started!

Note: Service is applicable to JINS glasses only.


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We want you to know we stand by our products. Rest assured, we have an honest warranty policy to show you that. Here it is, simply put:

  •  Lenses will be covered one-time only for 1-year against all manufacturer defects.
  •  Frames will be covered one-time only for 1-year against all manufacturer defects.

Note: Scratches, heat and/or physical damage, lost item or tampering with our products (e.g use of glue) are not covered.  

If you find that you need to use our warranty, please head to your nearest JINS store or contact any time. We'll be happy to help!

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Sometimes a screw gets loose or something gets bent on accident - we know these things happen and we will do our best to help you maintain your eyewear in its best shape.

All nose pad changes, screw tightening/replacements, and adjustments can be made in-stores at absolutely no cost to you.

For customers shopping with us online, please contact us to determine the best course of action for your glasses.

For more tips and information, please visit our maintenance guide!


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Yes! If you want new lenses for your glasses, we’ll gladly put new lenses into your old frames.

Check how much our Lens Exchange service costs.


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JINS was founded over 20 years ago with a mission to provide functional, innovative, and lightweight eyewear for everyone at an accessible price. Every JINS frame is designed in Tokyo and carefully assembled with the spirit and passion of Japanese craftsmanship.

We offer hundreds of frame styles to fit a diverse range of face shapes and nose bridges, complete with premium prescription lenses—starting at just $90.

In addition, we have formed partnerships with some exceptionally distinctive collections, including Pokemon, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Snowpeak.

Check here to learn more about us.


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All of our stores are on a walk-in basis availability!

For store hours and eye exam appointment availability, please check our locations page.


Questions? Please contact us!

If your lenses are in-stock, your glasses will be ready in 30 minutes! In our stores, we have these lenses readily available to be made in 30 minutes with your JINS frame:

  • Single Vision Clear 
  • JINS Screen Daily Use

Progressive, bi-focal, tinted and higher prescription lenses will be special ordered, which takes us about 2 weeks to complete!


Questions? Please contact us!

We display the Prop 65 warning because of the Bisphenol-A (BpA) found in polycarbonate lenses and some of our frame materials.

California Proposition 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was created to protect California’s drinking water from contamination. California publishes a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm, which is updated once a year. Recently, a chemical known as bisphenol A, BpA, was added to this list. BpA as many of you know, is found almost everywhere – food containers, compact discs and DVDs, bicycle helmets and electronic equipment. With only trace amounts of BpA detected in a polycarbonate lens and plastic eye wear frame, how much exposure are you really getting? The studies have shown that most exposure to BpA is largely ingested and that any exposure through skin contact is negligible.

Click here for more information about Proposition 65.


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For details on our various lens options, such as JINS Screen Blue Light or Sunglasses Lenses, please visit our Lens Guide!

The following is a chart listing the type of high-index lenses you will receive with your glasses based on your spherical power. We have determined these lens recommendations by optimizing the balance between visual acuity and lens thickness for your convenience.

(+) Sphere Prescription:

±0 --> +4.00 = 1.60 HIGH-INDEX PLASTIC

+4.00 --> +8.00 = 1.67 HIGH-INDEX PLASTIC

(-) Sphere Prescription:

±0 --> -5.00 = 1.60 HIGH-INDEX PLASTIC

-5.00 --> higher = 1.67 HIGH-INDEX PLASTIC

-8.00 --> -12.00 = 1.74 HIGH-INDEX PLASTIC

*1.74 index is available only for Single Vision clear lenses, and it is not always guaranteed to offer to all prescriptions with sphere power -8.00 and  high cylinder power of -2.00. Also, depending on your selection of lens option, the high index availability is limited. 


The following outlines lens characteristics and additional lens options:

1.60 High-index Plastic Lens Characteristics

  • Designed to be durable
  • Better visual acuity

1.67 High-index Plastic Lens Characteristics

  • Designed for strong prescription
  • Thinner, Lighter


Questions? Please contact us!

Yes, however, this service is available in-store only and acceptance of your frame is up to the discretion of a manager on site. (Due to material and/or condition, not all frames may be accepted.)

For your Non-JINS glasses, the lens replacement can be done with $120 lens exchange fee, plus the price of the lenses of your choice.   For your JINS glasses, kindly refer to here for our lens replacement services.


Questions? Please contact us!

We strive to offer as large a selection as possible in our stores and carry items based on the needs of the surrounding community, so not all JINS items will be found in-stores. We will gladly check to see if an item is offered in a store near you!


Questions? Please contact us!

Our replenishment schedule varies on each frame style/color, and unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with a specific timeframe. We suggest signing up with our newsletter for email updates on items/products and promotions. We are also more than happy to help you select from our variety of collections.


Questions? Please contact us!

We do sell our frames only! They include non-prescription lenses, free of charge. 

To purchase the frame-only option, select Non-Prescription under the LENS TYPE & USAGE menu of your desired eyeglasses during checkout.


Questions? Please contact us!

Our JINS SCREEN DAILY USE lenses can be worn throughout the day no matter what type of activity you are doing.

You can find more details about our JINS SCREEN lenses here.


Questions? Please contact us!

We got you! Our chat support is able to assist you in any question that you may have.

In addition, most of our frames have a Virtual Try On feature!


Questions? Please contact us!

On the EYEGLASSES heading at the top of our main page, you will find an array of categories that we offer here at JINS:

After clicking on a category, you can also find various filters and a drop-down sorting option to specify your needs:

We also have a Virtual Try On feature that will instantly and automatically detect the size of your face. Easy as that!


Questions? Please contact us!

We currently do not offer a try-on service at home. However, we do have a virtual try on feature on most of our frames!


Questions? Please contact us!

We currently have three different fitment options for our frames: Standard Fit, Low Bridge Fit, and Adjustable Fit.  

Standard Fit is the standard found across a majority of retailers and fits individuals with higher or more prominent nose bridges. 

Low Bridge Fit (also known as Asian Fit or Global Fit) frames sit better on lower nose bridges via larger nose pads to prevent the frames from sitting too low or slipping down the face.

Adjustable Fit is designed with straight temple arms and a fixed nose bridge, these glasses fit many—but not all—wearers. People with higher nose bridges can usually wear standard-fit glasses without any problems.


Questions? Please contact us!

Having trouble figuring out how to order? No worries. We are here to help!

1) Find a pair that is right for you!

  • For prescription glasses, select an EYEGLASSES frame from our bountiful array of styles:

  • Once you have found your perfect pair, select your Lens Type & Usage:                                          
    • Single Vision - Corrects one field of vision (Distance or Reading)
    • Progressive - Corrects three fields of vision, one pair
    • Readers - Simple magnification for reading (over-the-counters)
    • Non-prescription - even if you have perfect vision, you can elevate your style with a pair of JINS.
  • Select a LENS OPTION that best fits your lifestyle:

Too many cool lenses all at once? Check our Lens Guide.

  • Select a CASE:


Our Case for Causes are $5 and 100% of the sales will go to a non-profit organization so we can obtain one common goal: make the world a better place to see.


2) Double-check your order. Click ADD TO CART, and proceed to CHECKOUT. 



3) Upload your valid prescription. 

  • A valid prescription needs to include the following information:

    •  Prescriber's information (Name, Address, Phone Number)

    • Valid expiration date

    • Pupillary Distance measurement (Don't have the PD? No worries, here is a quick guide on how to measure your PD). Please make sure you save this information for the future!

On the 'Prescription' page, it will ask you to upload your prescription (for existing customers, you can select among your saved prescriptions on file). Before uploading, please make sure that it is a valid prescription.

Alternatively, there are additional options:

  • Email us your prescription later if you are unable to upload it during checkout.
  • Have JINS call your doctor (you will need to provide us your doctor's office information)
  • Enter your prescription manually (all sales will be final and you will not be able to do a return/exchange unless there's a manufacturing defect). You can later send us your valid prescription if you end up getting one.

Screenshot 2023-07-24 123804.png

Once an option has been selected, click "Continue to Shipping'. Then you're done!


Questions? Please contact us!

To order a pair of over-the-counter readers, please follow the steps below:


Choose your desired EYEGLASSES frame:


On the selected frame page, click on  SELECT LENSES. Among the options, select READERS:


Select your preferred strength*:

*For powers stronger than +2.00, please let us know.


Questions? Please contact us!

We can turn any eyeglasses into prescription sunglasses!

At your chosen frame's page, click SELECT LENSES, where there will be multiple options from sunglass lenses, photochromic lenses, and color tint lenses.

Note: Remember to submit a valid prescription!

For more information regarding our various types of tinted lenses, visit here.

Looking for a modern, yet practical option? Take a look at our JINS SWITCH collection, which are regular glasses with a magnetic clip-on sunglasses attachment!


Questions? Please contact us!

1) Select your desired EYEGLASSES frame.

2) Chose SELECT LENSES on your desired pair.


Once you choose non-prescription, you can pick any lenses option you desire (clear, blue light, tint, etc...)


Questions? Please contact us!