A new pair of eyeglasses can update your whole look, and JINS helps keep your style fresh and unique with our new collection for Fall ‘22. Check out our new arrivals for a selection of frame styles for everyone.JIN's selection of affordable frames and customizable lenses lets you refresh your eyeglass collection without draining your bank account. Why not try something new this season, like a pair of Acetate Slim U012 frames in Pink Crystal or Airframe Slim Combi 035 in Black?

Even if you prefer something slightly more subdued, like the Classic Rim 127 in Copper, you can still customize your new glasses with tinted lenses, transition lenses, and blue light protection for a look that’s totally you and totally in the moment. 

Whether you’re looking for some new glasses to replace the ones you’ve been wearing since before 2020 (no judgment) or want to add something new to your eyeglass wardrobe, check out our new arrivals. We’re sure you’ll find a pair of must-haves to update your look and reflect your unique personal style. 

And as always, when you shop with JINS, you’ll enjoy free shipping, free 30-day returns, and a one-year limited warranty on your new eyeglasses.




For our Fall '22 editorial, we invite Michelle, Anan, and Sofia into our Brooklyn studio to try-on our latest frames while answering a few hard-hitting questions.

Photographed by Mat + Kat in Brooklyn, NY.