Nothing can be more annoying than trying to look through a foggy or cloudy lens. Anyone who wears glasses will probably tell you that temperature change can be a real pain. If you're going from cold to hot or humid to not, your glasses will collect some fog, obstructing your vision. This is not only a huge annoyance as you go about your day, it can be dangerous depending on where you are or what you're doing. Not to mention, we don't always have time to remove our glasses and wipe them clean. However, for many, it's the norm.


Anti-fog technology is inspired by NASA technology and prevents fog or moisture droplets from settling on the surface of the lens. This is the result of the difference in the temperature of the surface and the atmosphere around the surface. Heat energy is released as the lens, or surface-area tries to balance the two temperatures. The water molecules form tiny droplets or fog as we know it. Too much fog can cover the entire lens making it almost impossible to see.

The anti-fog solution creates a hydrophilic surface to help water spread evenly across the lens, rather than bead up, creating a continuous barrier against fogging. It is not a permanent solution, however, as most anti-fog solutions need to be reapplied over time. This same technology applies to prescription glasses and sunglasses and can come in handy.


To avoid the constant annoyance of foggy lenses and obstructed vision, try incorporating some anti-fog glasses cleaner into your daily routine. Humidity and temperature changes can dictate your mood for the day. Don't let it be a hindrance to your vision as well. Keep your range of vision clear and your glasses unclouded with anti-fog gel.

Uncoated Lens


Over the last year or so, we've all had to adapt to life with face masks. With the arrival of Covid-19 came public face masks for people all around the globe. As an everyday, glass-wearing consumer knows, face masks bring the inevitable mask fog to your prescription lenses and sunglasses. Many don't know how to keep glasses from fogging with masks on and suffer through it. Others take their masks off or uncover their nose when the fog gets too intense, but don't let claustrophobia or foggy lenses put you in harm's way.

The overwhelming anxiety of fogged glasses and obscured vision can be uncomfortable and a bit frightening, especially during activities where clear vision is necessary, such as driving, working out or even cooking. However, using anti-fog glasses or even applying an anti-fog gel to everyday prescription glasses can keep your day focused and free of stress from mask-fog.


JINS Anti Fog Kit

Consider an anti-fog gel kit to help wipe away the clouds on your prescription glasses and sunglasses. Each kit includes the anti-fog gel bottle, a microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses with, a carrying case for your glasses and a pouch. Plus, they work much better than the home DIY remedies out there, such as shaving cream or toothpaste and aren't as abrasive. This anti-fog solution won't scratch or stain your glasses in any way.. These kits last about two months when applying the solution daily.


Foggy lenses aren't the only nuisance in your daily routine. Cleaning your glasses can get tedious but other everyday things can certainly get to be a pain quickly. Try using an anti-fog solution in other practical ways. Avoid a cloudy mirror in the bathroom without having to wipe it clean with a towel or smudge it with your hand. Try some on your goggles if you feel like going for a swim and want to see underwater. Use an anti-fog gel on your safety glasses for crystal clear vision at work and stay safe.

This is especially vital if you work at:

  • Medical laboratory
  • Surgical unit
  • Machine shop
  • Landscaping company
  • Construction site

Anti-fog lenses can help avoid unnecessary accidents and obscured views to ensure confidence in all industries and workplaces.


Don't let mask-fog or cold weather deter you from wearing your favorite frames. JINS has an anti-fog solution for glasses that will keep your lenses clear despite the elements. Stay out of the fog of a cloudy lens and see clearer with JINS today.