Through his picture books, author Dick Bruna sends us messages that open people's eyes to find small happiness in everyday life.

Wearing eyeglasses that express joy and happiness, created from the creative universe of his six picture books, I wonder what nice things are waiting for me tomorrow...

Together with Dick Bruna, we've created a range of glasses in collaboration with the character of Miffy. The 24-piece collection subtly incorporates scenes from the books into the details of each eyewear frame, designed to evoke the warm memory of reading a picture book as a child.

Miffy Artist Dick Bruna Portrait


Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna lived and worked in Utrecht for most of his life. His books have been translated into more than 50 languages and have sold more than 85 million copies worldwide. His illustrations also feature on a wide range of other products. Over the past 60 years, three generations have grown up with Miffy and her friends.

Photo: F. André de la Porte