Your glasses can define your look and enhance your style, so it's a good idea to do some research before buying that next pair. If you're known for being up on the latest gadgets and men's fashion, you'll probably want to start your search with the most modern, trendy men's glasses. Whether you're interested in a classic look or something new and unique, there's something fresh for every taste this year. Here are the hottest men's glasses styles for 2023.


JINS Classic Bold 172 Semi-rimless glasses

1. Semi-Rimless

Semi-rimless glasses, like JINS Classic Bold 172, offer a scholarly look for the sophisticated gentleman. These glasses feature a bold partial frame surrounding the top half of the lenses and an exposed bottom half held by a nylon cord. Despite their mature style, they're a popular choice among younger men seeking a retro style.

JINS Classic Bold 177 clear frames

2. Clear Frames

Don't want to deal with picking the right color? Get glasses with no color at all. Clear frames are a contemporary classic, and this minimalist fashion statement has the potential to bring your style to new heights. They're a particularly good choice for those who want a more subtle frame. The best part is that they're versatile and match perfectly with any outfit.

Try the wayfarer-style Classic Bold 167 or Classic Bold 177, the cool and rounded Classic Slim 184, or the funky Airframe Slim Oversized 129.

JINS Narrow Oversized U121 optical frames in brown tortoise

3. Oversized Frames

If you're into making bold statements and standing out from the crowd, oversized frames are for you. Once considered nerdy and bulky, these glasses have made a 180-degree turn in the fashion world. With the right shape and color, oversized frames will flatter your face while ensuring all eyes are on you.

Check out JINS Narrow Oversized U120, Classic Oversized U079, or Narrow Oversized U121.

Classic Bold 178 in Brown Tortoiseshell

4. Tortoiseshell

Can't pick just one color? Tortoiseshell-style glasses artfully blend gold, black, brown, and beige to create an elegant marbled pattern that goes with all clothes. If you're used to always getting solid black or brown glasses, a beautiful tortoiseshell pair will give you the chance to expand your style without getting too flashy.

Update your look with our Classic Bold 166, 174, 178, or 180, or Classic Slim 182.

Classic Slim 181

5. Round Frames

Perhaps the most daring choice of 2023, a rounded frame is ironically the most traditional shape there is for men's glasses. Today, they're popular among the creative types—think musicians, artists, and actors. This classic style brings out the best in faces with sharp angles and features by juxtaposing that structure with a softer frame shape. If you have a round or wide face, this style will only accentuate those traits, so look for a more angular eyeglass style.

For subtly rounded frames, go with JINS Classic Slim 187, Classic Bold 168, Classic Slim 181, or Narrow U115. If you want the true vintage, fully circular look, choose the JINS X Patricia Urquiola U031 or U029.


The best glasses are the ones that make you feel confident. While you should ultimately pick what you like best, starting with frames suited to your face shape can help you narrow down the most flattering options. This section explores the best men's glasses styles by face shape.

  • SQUARE: Round or oval frames will contrast your strong jawline and angular features well.
  • ROUND: Lean towards angular, geometric, and rectangular frames that make your face appear longer and narrower.
  • OVAL: Just about any glasses style will flatter and suit an oval face.
  • HEART: Frames slightly wider than the width of your forehead with a curved bottom balance out a heart-shaped face. Aviators, oval and round glasses, and semi-rimless frames are great options.
  • DIAMOND: Rounded glasses with thicker brow lines and subdued bottom rims round out more angular features. Cat-eye, oval and round, semi-rimless, and brow line glasses are highly recommended.

When you're ready to pick the perfect pair of glasses, start your search with the newest arrivals in JINS' men's collection. We carry the latest styles in comfortable, high-quality frames, so you can remain functional at your most fashionable.