Airframe: JINS lightweight Glasses Airframe: JINS lightweight Glasses

Airframe Lightweight Glasses

The original JINS Airframe, first introduced in Japan back in 2009. These lightweight and durable eyeglass frames are our most popular option, with over 20 million pairs sold globally.

Airframe lightweight glasses on male model

Exceptionally Lightweight Glasses

The ultimate lightweight eyeglass experience—these frames won't slip down your face. Airframe glasses weigh an average of ~20 grams* (equal to a stack of 8 pennies).

Unprecedented Durability

Airframe's shape-memory material is flexible and durable enough to spring back to its original shape after being bent or twisted.

Airframe lightweight glasses on a female model

Lightweight Eyewear for Every Day

Although thick frames flatter many face shapes, they can slip down the nose and put weight on temples and the area behind the ears. Our Airframe eyeglasses make slippage and discomfort things of the past. With an average weight of 20 grams, you might even forget you're wearing them.

Your new prescription glasses will be as durable as they are comfortable. If the frames get bent, the material reverts to its original shape.

Style That's as Light as a Feather

The sharp lines of our rectangular Airframe Slim Vivid U162 add definition to round faces and sit comfortably on a high nose bridge. The crystallized finish of these lightweight glasses makes the vibrant color stand out without dominating your face.

Available in striking neutral tones, Airframe Slim Oversized 220 has adjustable nose pads to suit both high and low bridges. The rounded edges can make a narrow, oval face appear wider.

Made with Ultem™ plastic, the rectangular Airframe Slim 504 is best for those who are particularly tough on their eyewear. The durable, lightweight glasses can accommodate the thickness of high-index prescription lenses.

Our circular Airframe Slim Combi 035 features a romantic rose or bold tortoise hue. Weighing in at 7 grams, you'll barely feel the oversized, lightweight frames. The round design makes angular faces appear softer.

If you prefer a high-fashion metallic edge, opt for Airframe Modern Combi 027 with the black front and gleaming gold arms and nose bridge. The square Wellington shape of these Airframe glasses helps the rounder features of an oval face stand out.