JINS Cases For Causes Low Bridge Fit

Low Bridge Fit

Formerly Known As Asian Fit Or Alternative Fit

  • Higher nose pads

    Higher Nose Pads

    Our Low Bridge Fit (formerly Alternative Fit) frames come in a wide variety of styles and their higher nose pads mean the glasses sit at just the right height for those with a low nose bridge and high cheekbones. No more worrying about frames slipping down the face with Low Bridge Fit (formerly Alternative Fit) glasses.

  • Curved temples

    Curved Temples

    Ordinary glasses can be a pain: their straight temple ends mean they don't fit your head properly. Low Bridge Fit (formerly Alternative Fit) glasses have curved temples for more comfort without sacrificing style.

  • Adjustable nose pads

    Adjustable Fit

    Get a custom fit with adjustable nose pads on our alternative fit frames. Adjust the nose pads in every direction based on your nose shape to ensure ultimate comfort and fit.

Alternative Fit Collections

Low Bridge Fit

If your face features a lower nose bridge and/or higher cheekbones, try our Low Bridge Fit. Specs with this fit are constructed with larger built-in nose pads for that staying (on your nose) power. They won't rest on your cheeks awkwardly and won't slide down your nose either. Win-win.

Adjustable Fit

Our Adjustable Fit frames are our most versatile options. Customize yours with adjustable nose pads, which you can tweak based on your nose shape to ensure max wearability.