JINS Cases For Causes Low Bridge Fit

Low Bridge Fit Glasses

Formerly Known As Asian Fit Or Alternative Fit

  • Higher nose pads

    Higher Nose Pads

    Our Low Bridge Fit (formerly Alternative Fit) frames come in a wide variety of styles and their higher nose pads mean the glasses sit at just the right height for those with a low nose bridge and high cheekbones. No more worrying about frames slipping down the face with Low Bridge Fit (formerly Alternative Fit) glasses.

  • Curved temples

    Curved Temples

    Ordinary glasses can be a pain: their straight temple ends mean they don't fit your head properly. Low Bridge Fit (formerly Alternative Fit) glasses have curved temples for more comfort without sacrificing style.

  • Adjustable nose pads

    Adjustable Fit

    Get a custom fit with adjustable nose pads on our alternative fit frames. Adjust the nose pads in every direction based on your nose shape to ensure ultimate comfort and fit.

Alternative Fit Glasses


If your face features a lower nose bridge and/or higher cheekbones, try our Low Bridge Fit. Specs with this fit are constructed with larger built-in nose pads for that staying (on your nose) power. They won't rest on your cheeks awkwardly and won't slide down your nose either. Win-win.


Our Adjustable Fit frames are our most versatile options. Customize yours with adjustable nose pads, which you can tweak based on your nose shape to ensure max wearability.

For over 20 years, JINS has been the go-to source for affordable, high-quality, Japanese-designed eyewear for men and women. We put the utmost care and craftsmanship into every pair of glasses, giving everyone access to the highest quality eyewear at affordable prices.

You deserve comfortable and stylish glasses, so we design frame styles to fit every face shape. If you've been struggling with glasses that slide down your nose or feel awkward, invest in a pair of low bridge fit glasses, also known as alternative fit glasses or Asian fit glasses. These frames have higher nose pads, so they sit at the perfect spot on your face without sliding or hitting your cheekbones. The curved temples offer all-day comfort—no more pinching or tension. Our adjustable fit collection has wire-supported nose pads.

Try our best-selling Airframe Slim Combi 033 frames, the original lightweight and flexible Airframes in a classic Wellington style, or add to your eyeglass collection with the super-affordable and trendy Airframe Matte Duo 698, a stylish option available in multiple colors and finishes.

Whether you go classic, trendy, subtle, or bold, customize your JINS spectacles with prescription or non-prescription lenses, special coatings, and tints. All lenses come with UV and anti-glare coatings, but we can add a blue light blocking tint and custom colors to make your new low bridge fit eyeglasses as comfortable and tailored to your tastes as possible.

All JINS glasses come with a satisfaction guarantee, and if for any reason you aren't happy with your alternative fit glasses, send them back to us within 30 days for a full refund. We even cover the cost of return shipping.

Don't settle for boring eyewear that doesn't match your style or fit comfortably. Check out JINS' collection of alternative fit glasses and experience the difference a thoughtful design makes.