Made in Japan Lenses
with Invincible Coating

Our Made in Japan lenses feature a 3-layer Invincible Coating, which protects from scratches, reflections, and static.

Starting at $100 for clear single-vision lenses. Available in-store & online.

Super Scratch Resistance

Our invincible coating provides a superior defense from all scratches, keeping your lenses crystal clear for longer.

Standard Clear Lenses
JINS Invincible Coating
Scratch Resistant Lens

Ultra Low Reflection

The second coating layer suppresses glare to keep reflections to a minimum, making your eyes look more natural from the outside.

Standard Clear Lenses
JINS Invincible Coating
Low Reflections

Anti Static

Lens dust can often cause cloudy vision. An Anti-Static coating prevents fine dust and pollen from sticking to the lens.

Standard Clear Lenses
JINS Invincible Coating
Anti Static
Made in Japan Lens Type Price
Clear Single-Vision $100
Non-prescription $100
Readers $100
Progressives $220
Blue Light Single-Vision $130
Blue Light Non-prescription $130
Blue Light Readers $130
Blue Light Progressives $250

*Blue Light Invincible lenses block 12% of blue light.