If you wear glasses, you have got more varieties of frames to choose from than ever before. From aviators to Wellingtons, cat eye, and more, there's an option to suit every style and face shape.

Round glasses have become particularly popular in recent years. Circular frames and lenses have a nostalgic vibe and give you a sophisticated, intellectual air.

JINS offers a range of round eyeglasses to choose from. But are round frame glasses right for you? Good news: These frames flatter many face shapes.

If you have a round face, you may be wondering if round frames will still suit you. There's good news for you, too, because round and modified round shapes are surprisingly versatile.

Identifying Round Eyeglasses

What do we mean when we say, "round frames?" It seems straightforward enough: The lenses and the frames have a circular shape. They don't have the sharp angles of a rectangle frame or the tapered swoop at the temples of a cat eye.

JINS RIM Oversized 968 Round metal prescription glasses with tortoiseshell and gold colors

However, that doesn't mean that all round glasses look the same. They may differ in terms of details like:

  • Frame material and thickness: Some round lenses have wire frames, while others have thicker plastic frames. There are also mixed-material frames in a variety of styles.
  • Frame color: The frames can also come in all kinds of colors, from bright hues to neutrals. Wire frames usually come in various metallic shades, while plastic frames offer more options, including solid colors and tortoiseshell finishes.
  • Lenses: Of course, you'll get lenses made according to your prescription needs. You can also get different lens types, like ones that protect against blue light. Colored lenses are another option and give you some extra pop. Round frames also come in many different proportions, including oversized.

To get an idea of how diverse round glasses can look, check out the JINS Modern Rim 095 versus the JINS Switch Plate 163 Plate.

The wire-rimmed frames have a lighter, airier look and come in gold coil, matte black, and silver mirror. Meanwhile, the plastic frames are thicker and come in colors ranging from turquoise to purple gradient.

Style Inspiration for Round Glasses

Which style is right for you? A lot of it depends on your personal preferences. If you don't know where to start, you can take inspiration from famous style icons who are known for their round frames. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Winston Churchill: Round glasses are a style that's stood the test of time. Just check out old pics of the "Bulldog," as the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was known. Get the look with round tortoiseshell frames.
  • Steve Jobs: The Apple co-founder is known for his unwavering commitment to a single outfit—round wire frames, black turtleneck, jeans, and white sneakers.
  • John Lennon: If you're a Beatles fan, you know that the legendary frontman sported round wire glasses. Fun fact: Some of his iconic frames sold at auction for an eye-watering $57,000 (don't worry, JINS are much more budget-friendly).
  • Janis Joplin: John Lennon isn't the only rock'n'roll icon known for sporting round wire frames. The legendary singer also liked this look (and is proof that round frames suit all genders). Give your pair a feminine flair with tinted lenses—some of the best-known photos of Joplin show her in pink glasses.
  • Iris Apfel: The American businesswoman and fashion icon is rarely seen without her oversized circular frames. She's best known for large plastic frames in wild colors that match her eccentric outfits.
  • Harry Potter: The boy wizard is famous for his signature frames. Like Steve Jobs and John Lennon, the character sported wire frames.

Clearly, if you opt for round frames, you're in good company alongside these famous figures.

JINS Classic Rim Combi 218 Round metal glasses with black and gold colors

Styling Your Round Eyeglasses

Hopefully, you're feeling inspired to try round frames for yourself. But just how can you style them? You don't have to sport Steve Jobs' minimalist uniform or Iris Apfel's artistic maximalist looks to wear round frames. Here's how to make them work for you.

Can Round Face Shapes Wear Round Eyeglasses?

A lot of people wonder whether round glasses for round faces actually work. In general, the best glasses for round faces are considered more angular. You might try our geometric, cat eye, browline, or Wellington frames.

That said, if you find a round frame that fits and like the way it looks, wear your pair with pride! In our opinion, there are no rules. And many of our round styles incorporate elements of other frame types, like geometric shaping, aviator details, and contrasting browlines, to make them even more versatile. The best way to see if a certain frame shape fits your face is to test it out.

The JINS fit guide can help you explore different fits, while our virtual try-on tool makes it easy to see exactly what a certain frame will look like on your face. Explore your personal style to see what works for you.

Which Face Shapes Typically Look Best in Round Glasses?

Round glasses tend to suit more angular face shapes. It's all about balance: A round face suits more strict lines, while a sharper face suits softer frames.

These face shapes tend to look great with round frames:

  • Square: Square faces have a strong jaw and brow, creating a box-like effect. Round frames help soften a geometric forehead and jaw, creating a narrowing effect. You may also want glasses that rest higher on the nose, which lengthens the face.
  • Heart: Heart-shaped faces have broader foreheads and peaked chins. They're widest at the brow and tend to have prominent cheekbones. Round frames help to balance the face. Look for frames that are slightly broader than the brow to enhance the effect. A mixed-material design is also a great way to create added softness because the lower wire rim creates the illusion of a semi-rimless style.
  • Pear: Pear-shaped faces, also referred to as triangle faces, have a square jaw but a narrow forehead. Round glasses will help enhance your best features and add balance by making the top of your face look broader. If you want to further accent your forehead, look for colorful frames that attract the eye.

Once you've found your favorite frame, choose the perfect lenses for a custom pair. Whether you plan to wear your glasses all day every day or are looking for round sunglasses, JINS is the place to find cutting-edge style and quality backed by years of research and manufacturing in Japan.