Rimless glasses might be the perfect option for someone who isn't always sure whether or not they want their frames to be the focus of their face. After all, rimless glasses are hardly there at all.

Instead of a traditional frame, they are attached by two temples and a nose bridge, which are screwed directly into the lenses themselves. Some might call it the best of both worlds as they can showcase what you've got going on up top while also accentuating your facial features. It's an effortless way to change your whole look without overpowering your natural facial features. Don't let clunky frames be the entire focus of your face.


There are tons of options available if you are looking for rimless glasses. JINS has a wide selection with something for everyone.



These rimless frames are medium-sized aviators and provide a stylish accent to any face. Whether your face is shaped more oval or round, these aviator frames complement any face type. They add a more fashionable demeanor to any style. The unique shape is not only trendy, it is also lightweight and sits comfortably on your face, making these some of the best lenses for rimless glasses available. Also fits perfectly on many types of nose bridges and provides ample coverage if you're opting for sunglasses as well.



Round frames have always been in style and these rimless frames are no exception. Round rimless frames provide a sophisticated accent to any outfit, whether you are going for a casual or formal look. These rimless frames offer a mature and chic look. The shine from the thin metal bridge and temples complement the face without overwhelming your natural features. Those sleek accents make these some of the best rimless glasses for women and men alike.



Try a rectangular rimless glasses frame for a modern and tasteful look. These frames complement many styles and are perfect for any special occasion. Whether you want to dress up for a night out or plan to keep things toned down, these are some of the best rimless glasses on the market. Get creative with these uniquely shaped frames, which can be as versatile as the contents of your closet. They truly are a bonus accessory for all of your favorite outfits.


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When choosing between rimless glasses brands, shapes and colors, it's important to consider the shape of your face and how the frame will fit with your prescription. There is a flattering set of designer rimless glasses frames for each type of face shape. Consider what appeals to you, as well as what best suits your features. Here are some tips to keep handy when searching for your next pair of rimless frames.

For those with more of a round-shaped face, consider something more angular and bold to make a statement. Be sure the frame rests above your cheekbones for an optimal fit. If you have a more triangular-shaped face, make sure the frame-width is wider than your jawline. Also see that the frame is more narrow at the bottom to properly shape your face. Consider something at the browline or even a cat eye shape. They are still a lighter fit but accent the face in a sophisticated way. Even semi rimless glasses are a flattering option.


Besides being extremely trendy, designer rimless glasses have nothing obstructing your view. This is especially convenient while driving or reading. Nothing obscuring your field of vision also means fewer distractions as you go about your day. No need to move them constantly to keep the border out of view, these frames are made for comfort and convenience.

Rimless glasses frames are much less noticeable than a traditional, thicker frame. Depending on the type or brand, some lenses look like you aren't wearing any frames at all. Avoid the hassle of contact lenses and get practically the same look in no time at all. Keep the strain off of your eyes during allergy season or dry spells.

The major drawback to rimless frames is the obvious. Without a sturdy support structure, rimless glasses are more prone to damage. They can break much more easily than framed glasses can. Also, rimless glasses have more delicate surface area. They can scratch easier or become dirty fairly quickly due to the lens being the largest part of them.

Although some may think rimless glasses are cheaper since they require less material, it is often the opposite. In fact, rimless glasses are typically more expensive than their framed counterparts. This is due to the way that many rimless glasses are manufactured. Extra time and materials are usually required to make the lens more secure, which can drive up the cost of the frame.

Takeaway: These brand-new rimless glasses rose to the top and made our list of Best Rimless Glasses in 2021. Check out which of these rimless glasses frames can make a huge difference in your wardrobe and see which style suits you. There are dozens of rimless frames that not only complement your facial features, but will give your signature look some flair. Shop with JINS today for your next pair of chic rimless glasses and stay current on the latest in optical fashion trends.