The right pair of eyewear enhances your appearance as well as your vision. Some people rock thick frames, but bold specs can weigh down your face or hide delicate features. That's why many people prefer the timeless appeal of rimless glasses. Learn more about this classic eyewear option below, whether you're considering full or partial rims, so you can decide if it's right for you.


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Think about how you felt when you first learned you needed glasses. Were you excited about experimenting with different frames, or did you feel a bit apprehensive? Many people are nervous about how they'll look in glasses, so they shy away from oversized frames or bold colors. Rimless glasses help ease eyewear apprehension by improving your vision without overhauling your look.

Rimless glasses are lightweight and comfortable. Because they accent your natural beauty, your features won't get buried under a pair of rimless glasses.

If you're leaning toward rimless glasses, consider the benefits as compared to rimmed frames:

Rimless Glasses vs. Rimmed Glasses

Lightweight May feel heavy or bulky
Lets your natural beauty shine May overpower your features
Less noticeable than framed styles May attract unwanted attention
Trendy and new Been around for many years
No border while reading or driving Frames may partially obstruct your view
Available in numerous styles Available in numerous styles


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Millions of adults need some form of corrective eyewear, but not all of them are thrilled about it. Rimless glasses are ideal for adults who dislike or cannot use contact lenses but don't want a noticeable pair of glasses. Some spectacle wearers feel they look best in rimless styles because these glasses obstruct few (if any) of their features. When you wear rimless glasses, you still look just like yourself.

Rimless glasses are also a great option for people with delicate features. Though frames can help narrow a wider face or balance a strong jawline, your face can also look top heavy if you choose framed styles. Consider rimless glasses if you have soft features that might be overwhelmed by framed eyewear.


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Framed glasses are often considered fun and trendy, while rimless glasses boast timeless, traditional appeal. That doesn't mean rimless glasses are unfashionable, though. In fact, many celebrities and models have been seen in rimless glasses over the years, including:

  • Zayn Malik
  • Kit Harrington
  • Kate Beckinsale
  • Bella Hadid

You may have also spotted pics of Jennifer Garner in partially rimmed glasses where the top has a hint of color. These glasses work well for her because they accent her beautiful full brows.

Some rimless wearers argue that frame-free glasses are more fashionable because you can wear them just about anywhere. Rimless glasses are great for everyday wear, but they're also suitable for formal affairs such as weddings and galas. You don't have to worry about your frames clashing with your suit or dress.

And while they can certainly be good for those who want glasses that aren't noticeable or ones that suit everyday needs, that doesn't mean that they can't be boldly stylish, too. Consider pairing rimless glasses with tinted lenses, for example, and evoke the nostalgia of a turn-of-the-millennium trend that's making a comeback.

Or go with a unique lens shape for a more dynamic look. Because they don't require a rigid fit, rimless glasses offer a wide array of choices when it comes to lenses, including classic lens shapes like aviators and ovals, but work just as nicely with round and geometric shapes. The very literal lack of boundaries makes rimless glasses a versatile and highly-customizable choice.


Rimless glasses are often considered more comfortable than framed styles. They are lightweight, so they won't press down on your face. However, you may still experience some minor discomfort if your frame adjustment isn't done properly. Also, it's important to make sure the parts that wrap around your ears and the side of your head are not too tight, which is where a good frame adjustment comes in. To really minimize the heft of your eyeglasses, consider getting a rimless pair with high-index lenses for a near-weightless experience.


There are many perks associated with rimless glasses, but this popular style also has a handful of disadvantages. For starters, you may want to avoid rimless glasses if you're accident-prone — the lack of a supporting frame makes this type of eyewear easier to break. Keep that in mind if you drop your glasses often or generally forget to store them in a protective case.

It's easy to get rimless glasses dirty because they have so much lens space, too. Try to remember to take your glasses off by gripping the sides rather than the nose piece. This may help you cut down on smudges and streaks.

Sometimes rimless glasses cost more than framed styles. Some customers are surprised by this as they assume glasses with frames should be priced higher, and while this is understandable, rimless styles can end up carrying a higher price tag due to the manufacturing process. Special steps are taken to make sure rimless glasses have enough support, and this can require extra time and materials.

Some disadvantages of rimless glasses include:

  • May break easily
  • Easy to smudge or streak
  • May cost more than framed styles
  • More prescription lens limits as compared to rimmed glasses
  • Natural look may disappoint eyewear users who prefer a bold style


1. You have delicate facial features.

Rimless glasses won't overpower your face. You can show off your eye color or reveal a beautifully shaped nose when you wear rimless eyewear. Style your hair how you want without worrying about bulky frames.

2. You want lightweight glasses.

Thanks to the trimmed-back bulk, you can enjoy a more comfortable, barely-there experience with rimless glasses. This is great news if you often struggle to find framed glasses that feel comfortable, or if you find yourself fidgeting with your frames often. Even if rimmed glasses haven't been a bother to you before, it's hard not to enjoy the added comfort of lightweight rimless eyewear.

3. You don't want noticeable glasses.

Glasses aren't for everyone, and that's okay. If you want glasses for the sole purpose of improving your vision, rimless glasses can meet your needs. Many people use them as a temporary replacement for contact lenses when their eyes need a break.

4. You want a clear view.

Bulky frames can obstruct your vision while you drive, read or chat with friends. Rimless glasses alleviate this issue, so you can see the world around you free of boundaries no matter what you do.


Still deciding if rimless glasses are what you want? Browse our collection of rimless glasses in a variety of shapes and in men's, women's and unisex styles and see how you feel. The temples of each pair of our rimless eyeglasses feature either our titanium metal or lightweight Airframe material for an extra comfortable fit. You can even experiment with our virtual try-on feature to see how you look in different pairs of eyewear. We're excited to help you find your next pair of glasses, whether you prefer rimless styles or decide framed styles are the way to go.