With so many variables to consider, it can feel impossible to pick the right glasses for your face. Thankfully, we're here to help. This guide will discuss how your glasses should fit, what criteria to consider, and what types of glasses best fit which face shapes.


Female reaching a pair of glasses from huge selection of frames at JINS store
>Photo source: Justin Quebral

When looking for a pair of JINS glasses online, you can filter by color, frame shape, width, face type, nose bridge, and more. There is a lot of room for personalization here, but if you follow this guide you should understand some strategies to make a splash with your personal style by picking the glasses that are best for your face shape or even eye color.


Face Shapes graphic: Square, Round, Heart, and Oval faces

Nothing is more important than choosing glasses that compliment your face shape. Each face fits into one of four categories: Oval, Round, Square, or Heart. The easiest way to find your face shape is to look into a mirror and trace your face, but if you're having trouble you can always ask a friend for a second opinion

Oval Face Shape

Line graphic of Oval Face Shape

Oval faces are longer, narrower, and usually have a rounded chin. Oval faces are fairly universal, but someone with an oval face may prefer a slightly wider frame in order to complement their face.

Shapes like the Wellington MCF-15S-079 frame will work great for oval shaped faces.


Classic Oversized 079

Round Face Shape

Line graphic of Round Face Shape

Round faces are widest in the cheekbones and are as long as they are wide. Round faces can benefit from styles with sharper edges, such as Squares or Wellingtons.

Someone with a rounder face should try frames with contrasting, angular shapes such as the Airframe Slim Matte U228 or JINS Switch Sheet 343.


JINS Switch Sheet 343

Square Face Shape

Line graphic of Square Face Shape

Square faces are wider than average with stronger, flatter jawlines. Since these faces have sharp edges, people with square faces should try a frame with softer features such as the UUF-19S-218


Airframe Slim Oversized 218

Heart Shaped Face

Line graphic of Heart Face Shape

Heart faces have wider foreheads, smaller chins, and high cheekbones. To offset a narrower chin, try frames with a wider length such as oval-shaped LCF-16A-277 or the square-shaped Airframe Matte Duo 698.


Airframe Matte Duo 698


Ultimately, the best glasses for your face will be the ones that you are most comfortable wearing. If you choose the right pair, you may even forget you have your glasses on. This means that you should consider where your glasses rest and their weight.


Female _Model with an asian fit JINS glasses

Our Alternative Fit collection was made specifically for those with low nose bridges, Asian fit glasses. If your glasses always brush your face or they don't rest properly, you may need a pair of Alternative Fit glasses to accommodate your nose shape. Alternative fit frames sit better on lower nose bridges via larger nose pads to prevent the frames from sitting too low or slipping down the face. These glasses have curved temples so you never have to worry about sacrificing style for comfort.

The alternative fit glasses also can accommodate anyone who needs the higher nose bridge frames, not just for Asian fit per se. If you want to try our alternative fit, you can consider options such as the Femme Classic u925 for women or the JINS SWITCH Classic 371 for men.


Sold Out


Sometimes, our glasses are too heavy for our faces that could lead to unwanted headaches. If this is the case, you may need to try a lighter frame. If you want to experience just how light glasses can be, try the Airframe Collection. These glasses are made of TR-90, which is the same material used for baby bottles and medical equipment. This means that the material is light yet extremely durable, flexible and comfortable.


Airframe Slime Oversized 220


Close up view of a pair of blue eyes

Picking a frame color is the fun part that can really bring out your own personal style Choosing a color that compliments your eye color can really make a difference. The color theory here is similar to instances when you're designing a home or choosing an outfit in the morning. We highly suggest going with complementary or matching colors.

Blue eyes: Orange, the complementary color of blue, will really make your eyes pop. Try our MCF-17A-013 in Daffodil and your blue eye color will really pop.


Classic Oversized 013

Brown eyes will be complemented by most colors of glasses, so this is an opportunity to be adventurous. Consider trying something that pops like the LCF-17S-U151 in Cool Gray or Pink.


Femme Classic Oversized U151

Green eyes will match glasses with deep browns like the WOODTONE U426, but if you really want to be adventurous you can try the KONSTANTIN PRETZEL in Crystal from our All Round collection.



Hazel eyes: are rather flexible, so you can try something that brings out the green or brown tints. You can also try some gold frames like the MTF-16A-281 in Gold Nugget.


Titanium Rim 281



Remember that the best glasses are the ones that make you feel cool, comfortable, and confident. This means that you may want to stick with classic colors and shapes, or you may want to experiment to try something new and unique like our Alternative Fit glasses. Your glasses are a representation of you, so it's important to ensure they make you feel happy in your own skin.