Renowned Italian architect Michele De Lucchi reinterprets the four typologies of eyewear, placing importance on "personality" to design one's self through form and color.

Through multifaceted research encompassing facial expressions, the expressive capacity and history of eyewear, and deep insights into the relationship between human personality and glasses, we have created eyewear based on the concept "We are all designers of ourselves."

Not only focusing on form but also meticulously detailing, we explore textures and colors while leveraging the workability of acetate material. Incorporating various expressions such as wood tones, laminations of eyewear fabrics, and clear, matte, and gradient finishes, we realize glasses with a new sensibility. Each of the four types bears the name of Michele De Lucchi himself and the names of the staff working together in the studio.

Design: Federica creates samples in woodworking and brings them to the factory to recreate warm shapes. The green pattern is inspired by Memphis, created by Michele. The deep color blends subtly with the pattern, resulting in a casually wearable hue.

Michele De Lucchi: A globally renowned architect based in Milan, Italy. He is known for his work as a member of the design group "Memphis," representing postmodernism, and has undertaken numerous architectural, furniture design, and museum planning projects both domestically and internationally. He has also served as the editor-in-chief of the Italian architecture and design magazine "Domus," demonstrating his diverse range of accomplishments.

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  • SKU UCF-18A-217-92
  • FRAME SHAPE Geometric
  • MATERIAL Acetate
  • NOSE BRIDGE Adjustable Fit
  • NOSE PAD TYPE Adjustable
  • FRAME TYPE Full Rim
  • CATEGORY Unisex
  • FRAME DIMENSIONS 51-20-148-43