Collaboration frame of JINS x Jujutsu Kaisen. This model features a black color frame with the design of the "Snake and Fangs" seal which is possessed by Toge Inumaki, a second-year student and a Semi-Grade 1 sorcerer at Tokyo Jujutsu High. His cursed speech allows him to infuse his words verbally with his powerful amount of cursed energy to send commands to his opponents.

These motifs can be found on the back of the bridge, on the hinge part of the temple, and on the inside of the temple. The attached case has the design of the school emblem.

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  • SKU UUF-21A-154-94
  • FRAME SIZE Medium
  • MATERIAL Airframe
  • NOSE BRIDGE Adjustable Fit
  • NOSE PAD TYPE Adjustable
  • FRAME TYPE Full Rim
  • CATEGORY Unisex
  • FRAME DIMENSIONS 51.3-20.0-148.0-43